Sarah Santos

I'm a believer in true authentic love, that small gestures go a long way, and that pizza and a glass of wine can fix almost anything.

I'm a wife to my high school sweetheart and after 11 years together I still love him more every day. It's been pretty amazing to grow through this life together with my best friend by my side. 

I love when I get to photograph other high school sweethearts, but in general, every love story makes my heart melt. I've always been a romantic and family means everything to me. Mix that with my passion for photography and you'll see why I love my job. I got my Professional Photography Degree 6 years ago and I have been photographing weddings, families, and milestones ever since. Every one of you holds a special place in my heart. 

It's more than just capturing the big moments for me. It's capturing all the small details in between, and all of your friends and family, who were individually invited for a special reason. These are the moments and the people you never want to forget. I have a true strong passion for capturing love and legacy.  I am honored that I get to capture these special moments in your life. 

Hello, I'm Sarah!

the girl smiling behind the lens, 

The office, New Girl

One of these shows is on every time I edit...yes, my dog is named after Phoebe Buffay

loaded Chicken Nachos

Our go-to appetizer. It's just what we do.
....extra sour cream.

Phoebe the Doodle 

My fur baby Phoebe is the light of my life. #doodlemom

Traveling the world with my hubby! Italy is the favorite so far.

My husband

Favorite Things

Sarah Santos